Javascript Basics

Javascript game

Javascript game

Knocked out a simple game using basic Javascript and CSS. Shoot the Alien by supplying X and Y coordinates.

Wow it explodes! Super cool!

Play It


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LUA Programming

Just finished Mark Falkland’s youtube tutorial on CoronaSDK and LUA. It’s a little confusing coming from a Python and Java background but it’s very rapid. The tutorial doesn’t cover loops or tables but its a good starting point and even covers the basics of storyboard and sprites. The game at the end is pretty impressive for what little code there is. I’m going to play some more and try to improve my knowledge of CoronaSDK, hopefully I can update the code and add some more features and perhaps make a more advance tutorial from it.

Anyways, thanks Mark.


Code and Assets here:

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Trig function

Trig Function

I forgot about this sketch, i created it before my holidays and then totally forgot about it  It’s just a simple demo in the use of trigonometry for animation or basic AI.

The code is  attached, Enjoy! 🙂

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The closest object

Updated the code just a little. The player object now knows what red object is closest.
Grab the code here –>
Distance code functions here –>

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Objects with distance

So above is a little demo showing how to generate objects and find the distance between them

Grab the code from here

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Shooting Demo

I think I’ll have to move all this game stuff out into a separate post and do a write up with the code once finished. Progress has been slow this week but i built the menu class and added shooting to the game, only enemies left and then I can start to polish.

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Star Shooter Demo

Just posting some progress on the space game I’m fooling around with in pygame. Game features some simple movements and a star field.

– Some parallax scrolling on the up, down left and right
– Parallax stars
– Ship movement
– Ship speed up and speed down.

I think I will work on a simple menu next and come back and add enemies to the game.

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